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Welcome to the second part of my micro-series about the default Enhanced Ecommerce implementation in Shopify. In the previous article we had a quick glance at what Enhanced Ecommerce data is and how Shopify collects it. This time we will go a step further and swap our comfortable suit of a passive observer for the white mask of an ethical hacker. Hacking is probably too strong a word for what we are going to do, but for the fun of it why not. Who has not dreamed of being a bad ass hacker? Here is your chance to take a…

Shopify is a proprietary platform, hence some aspects of its work are not thoroughly explained in the documentation or on the community forums. One of such subjects is the default integration with Google Analytics (GA). There are tons of articles and tutorials on the web that explain how to enable default GA integration in your store through several clicks but none of them explains which data you may collect with help of this integration. It’s said that it may provide data in the “Enhanced Ecommerce” format, which is a rather common choice these days. This format allows to collect a…

There are certain things that do not change over time: all dev tutorials start with a “hello world” example, junior developers want senior salaries and the world of e-commerce stands on the shoulders of JQuery.

Some time ago my employer decided to start using Shopify as a new e-commerce platform for our existing and new e-shop projects. “OK for me”, I thought, probably, it’s a good chance to learn something new, practice React or Vue and add several fancy words to my CV. Bring it on! …

Maxim Dyuzhinov

Curious developer at The Other Store

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